Inground or Above Ground, It's Up to You

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Should I invest in an inground spa?

Inground or Above Ground, It's Up to You

Most spas come in above ground models. Some are completely portable and self-contained, which means you just plug them in, fill them up, and you're good to go! Others are meant to be installed in the ground, more like a swimming pool than a spa. What you choose has a lot to do with what you want from a spa, your yard or home design, and your budget. Inground models require more site preparation, and they also require electricity, plumbing, and sometimes gas for heating. Portable spas can move if you move, but inground spas add to the overall value of your home. What you choose is really up to where you want to locate the spa and how you want to access it. There are plenty of styles available in both models, so you won't have any trouble finding all the features you're looking for in either type of spa.



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