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Is a portable hot tub right for me?

Soft-Sided Portable Hot Tub

If you rent your home, don't have a lot of space, or are looking for a truly flexible hot tub, you might want to consider a portable, soft-sided hot tub. Several different models have sprung up lately, and they are perfect for many situations. They are inexpensive, so if you're not quite sure you're ready for a full-sized spa, you can buy a portable hot tub and test the waters. They are compact enough to fit on a small patio, and they even can be located inside. They are the perfect solution for rental homes, because they are extremely simple to set up and take down.

Aren't all portable hot tubs soft-sided?

Portable Varieties

Gone are the days of blow-up, inflatable portable hot tubs. When you buy a hot tub today, you'll find many hard-sided varieties that are considered portable. That's because they are self-contained, you can move them relatively easily, and they don't have special electrical requirements. These portable tubs look like any other hot tub you might buy, they just are much easier to set up and get running. So, when you think of portable hot tubs, think outside the box!

Are today's hot tub models more efficient than my old tub?

Warm to the Touch

Today's portable hot tub models offer a ton of features older models never even thought of. Most all of these new models have continual warmth heaters than ensure the water is warm whenever you want to take a soak in your tub. You no longer have to set the heater to come on at a certain time each day, or turn it on hours before you want to use your tub. These heaters keep the water at a steady temperature, so even though they run all the time, they are much more energy efficient than older models. So, if you're considering trading your old tub in for one of the newer hot tub models, it may save you money and make your tub more efficient, too.

Should I check with my physician before I look at hot tubs?

Hot Tubs And Your Health

Anyone who chooses a spa or hot tub and has health issues should check with their physician first. For example, if you have a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or other ailments, it's recommended that you double check with your doctor before you buy a hot tub. If you are going to exercise vigorously in your spa, the Arthritis Foundation and others recommend that you reduce the temperature at least to 88 degrees or so--the water should not feel too hot. Also, the Foundation suggests if you heat your spa between 98 degrees and 104 degrees, you should only soak about 10 to fifteen minutes in the soothing water. In fact, most manufacturers don't recommend heating their hot tubs to more than 104 degrees.

What is an ion purifier, and do I need one?

Ion Purifiers

The ion purifier is another alternative to keeping your hot tub or home spa clean. They come in silver, copper, or a combination, and they are just beginning to show up in many manufacturers' hot tub lines. These ionizers add metallic ions to the water to help purify it. Combine these with an ozonator, and chemical use in most hot tubs goes way down. In fact, you may only have to check your water's chemical balance once or twice a month instead of once or twice a week. Not all hot tubs have these ionizers, so check and compare models before you buy.

What features does the Vista spa hot tub offer?

Vista Spa

If you're looking for a fully featured spa, do your research and find quality brand spa manufacturers that offer money back guarantees. The Vista spa from Hot Springs Spas has an excellent reputation in the industry. This six-person spa contains 47 high-quality stainless steel escutcheon jets, three pumps, and an ozone filtration system. It includes a comfy lounge seat with foot and back massage, along with a corner seat targeting, back, calves, and wrists with soothing hydrotherapy. The heating and cleaning cycles are completely automatic, and you program it once and forget it, even after a power outage. The Vista spa hot tub is a spa for just about everyone's needs.

I live in an older home with a small electrical panel, can I still have a hot tub?

Electric Moments

While many of the larger hot tubs need 220 volts to operate, many of the new portable hot tubs only need 110 volts. That means you can plug them into any standard household outlet and be up and running in no time. Most portable hot tubs have all or most of the features of their bigger cousins, so you won't have to give up features for ease of set up and use. Portable hot tubs make it much easier for just about anyone to own a spa.

Can I really get a good workout in my hot tub?

Get a Workout in Your Hot Tub

Some hot tub models come with built-in exercise equipment so you can get in a workout and then relax afterward. Some hot tub models have rowing machines, while others have pulley systems that add an aerobic workout to your daily soak. Check with your dealer to see what hot tub models they carry that include exercise equipment. You can also purchase wrist weights, resistance gloves, and ankle weights made especially for use in pools and hot tubs to add even more resistance to your workout. There are even large swim spa models now available that offer a swim current that allows you to swim in place with various resistances.

Don't wooden spa cabinets take a lot of maintenance?

Cabinet Maintenance

Another way to cut down on spa maintenance is to make sure the exterior cabinet of the spa is maintenance free. An Everwood spa cabinet system is a possibility for your next spa purchase. Embossed to look like real wood, this rigid polymer system is virtually indestructible and maintenance free. Hosing off the cabinet periodically is about all you'll need to do to keep the hot tub looking great. This durable siding comes with a 5-year guarantee. It also comes in a variety of colors that will coordinate with your landscaping and hot tub interior. The Everwood system helps give you more time to spend in your spa rather than working on it.

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