What Does it Cost to Operate a Spa?

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Are today's spas energy efficient?

What Does it Cost to Operate a Spa?

Spas, no matter what type you buy, are much more energy efficient than they used to be. They are better insulated, use high efficiency heaters, and generally cost relatively little to operate each month. Of course, energy costs vary across the country, so it's difficult to say exactly what it will cost to operate a spa. Many owners report costs of 50 cents per day or up to $20 per month, but that also depends on spa size and how often you use your spa. Heater size also has an impact on energy costs – the bigger the heater the more it costs to operate. However a bigger heater helps your hot tub heat up to the proper temperature faster. Some spas are more energy efficient than others, so be sure to ask about energy costs when comparing spas to buy.



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