Other Hot Tub Chemicals

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What other hot tub chemicals should I have on hand?

Other Hot Tub Chemicals

Bromine or chlorine is at the heart of your hot tub chemical list, but there are several others you should have on hand for routine maintenance. When your water tests high or low for alkalinity or pH, there are chemicals for raising or lowering these levels. There are also chemical specifically for cleaning the hot tub filter, and for "shocking" the system if the water is cloudy or dirty. There are also chemicals that naturally purify the water, or flush the pipes and machinery when you drain the tub. Some chemicals help protect the filter and heater units from corrosion, and there are others that are just plain fun, like fragrances you can add to the water that won't harm the chemical make-up of the water. Your hot tub should come with instructions about what chemicals are necessary for short- and long-term maintenance.



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