The Self-Lifting Spa Cover

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My spa cover is too heavy, what can I do?

The Self-Lifting Spa Cover

Are you buying a spa for therapeutic reasons? Then chances are you don't want to wrestle with a heavy cover every time you use your spa. Luckily, you can purchase cover-lifter systems that will remove and replace the cover automatically. Many of these systems also self-store the cover beside the spa while you're using it. If you don't have a lot of room behind the spa, some cover systems will store the cover in as little as 6-inches of space. These systems fit just about any size cover and most of them can be used with both insulated and hard covers.



10/25/2007 12:49:56 PM
DJL said:

I already have the coverlift 3 which is suppose to be able to be opened by an 8 year old. The problem with all these lifters is that you have to be able to flip the cover over in half and then the lifter slides the cover off the tub. Since I have a severe chronic pain condition, I cannot flip the cover in half as required. I am divorced and have no one to help open the tub. I have checked with the spa company and they have no idea what to do. My tub is 96x96 with a gazeebo over it. I have been trying to find a way to rig the cover up so that it will open for me. I know it can be done and has been, but I just can't locate the right prople to talk to. If anyone has an idea, I would appreciate the input. What I had heard was done was putting a steel frame across the tub and into the ground on either side of the tub. This would limit you to opening the cover half way due to the steel bar (but that is fine). Then hooking up a hand turned winch to raise the half of the lid to the the steel bar over the tub. You wouldn't even be using the coverlift at all. I just don't know how this would be done. Thanks DJL


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