Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

What type of gazebos are available for spas?

Can I find a spa gazebo with seating or other options?

What kind of light systems are available for hot tubs?

Can I light the exterior of my hot tub too?

What should I look for in a well-made spa cover?

My spa cover is too heavy, what can I do?

Are there pillows made especially for the spa?

What types of new and different spa steps are available?

Spa seats are uncomfortable, what can I do?

Aren't all spa jets the same?

Do spa steps come in different designs, colors, and styles?

What should I look for in a spa umbrella?

What's a spa umbrella?

What type of jet is right for my spa?

Do I really need to use a bunch of chemicals in my hot tub?

What's the difference between bromine and chlorine for the hot tub?

How should I test the water in my new hot tub?

What chemicals should I use to clean and protect the exterior of my hot tub?

What other hot tub chemicals should I have on hand?

How should I clean the filter in my spa?

Why is my spa's filtration system so important?

What is a two-level skimmer?

Can I add an ozonator to my exisiting spa's filitration system?

What is an ozonator and why should I have one in my spa?

What is an ozone jet?

Why is the pump an integral part of the spa filtration system?

What kind of dispenser should I use for chemicals in my hot tub?

Why is it so important to check the water balance every week?

When should I consider a portable hot tub?

Aren't all portable hot tubs soft-sided?

Is a portable hot tub right for me?

Can I compare spa and hot tub models at home?

Can I get a hot tub or spa with high-tech options?

Can I find a tub that uses alternative types of power?

Are today's hot tub models more efficient than my old tub?

Can I really get a good workout in my hot tub?

Should I compare hot tub models between manufacturers?

Should I check with my physician before I look at hot tubs?

What is an ion purifier, and do I need one?

I live in an older home with a small electrical panel, can I still have a hot tub?

What features does the Vista spa hot tub offer?

What features are standard on the Vista spa hot tub?

Don't wooden spa cabinets take a lot of maintenance?

How do I find the right hot tub dealer?

Should there be extra charges when I buy a hot tub?

Should my dealer deliver and set up my hot tub?

Should I deal with a dealer who constantly switches hot tub brands?

Why should I test my hot tub before I buy?

Does your dealer offer service?

What safety features are available for my hot tub?

What are the ultimate keys to a good hot tub dealer?

Should I be wary of cheap hot tub deals?

Do some hot tub brands offer more features than others?

What about a hot tub brand that offers an unusual feature?

What spa brand is best?

What should I look for in a spa warranty?

What should I look for when I buy a spa?

What else should I look for when I buy a spa?

What's the difference between a spa and a hot tub?

How much should I spend on my new spa?

Do spas provide a better night's sleep?

Why does soaking in a hot tub make me sleepy?

Why are spas a great idea for families?

Can my pets enjoy my spa, too?

Are today's spas energy efficient?

What kind of features do energy efficient spas offer?

What size spa do I need?

Should I invest in an inground spa?

What color spa should I choose?

Are there specific jets for hydromassage?

Do all spas offer hydromassage?

Why are hot tubs good for circulation?

Can a hot tub really help me reduce my need for insulin?

Should I exercise in my hot tub if I have arthritis?

How can a hot tub help diabetics?

How to hot tubs relieve arthritis pain?

Did you know the Arthritis Foundation recommends hot tubs for arthritis sufferers?

Are there special therapy jets available to help ease back pain?

How can a hot tub help ease my achin' back?

How can I exercise my joints in my hot tub?

Why won't a warm bath help me relax as much as a hot tub will?

Can a hot tub really improve my back pain?

Should I test a hot tub before I buy one for back pain?

How can hot tubs reduce blood pressure?

How does warm water and jet action promote healing?

What do I need to consider in my overall backyard plan?

I can't get my hot tub into my backyard! How what do I do?

How can I make sure my hot tub is private when I'm planning my backyard?

What else should I know about planting trees in my backyard?

Should I plant trees around my hot tub?

Should I coordinate my hot tub color with my custom deck?

Can I put a hot tub on a second story deck?

Are there any other things I should think about when I design my custom deck?

What should I consider when I design my custom deck for my hot tub?

Should I build a custom deck around my hot tub?

Why do I need a patio planner when I shop for a hot tub?

Can I build in an in-ground hot tub in my patio plan?

What materials can I use when I plan my patio?

How can I design my patio before my hot tub arrives?

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