Adding an Ozonator to Your Spa

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Can I add an ozonator to my exisiting spa's filitration system?

Adding an Ozonator to Your Spa

Most spas today come "ozone" ready if they don't already have an ozonator installed. That means that in a few steps you can add an ozonator to your existing tub, even if it did not come with one when you purchased it. Even if your spa is not ozone ready, you can still add an ozonator, it just takes a few more steps. When ozonators first came into the marketplace, they all were based on UV technology that created the ozone gas with UV light inside the unit. Eventually, the UV light bulb needs to be replaced. Newer ozonators are chip-based, which means they are totally electronic and don't depend on a UV light bulb. There are several manufacturers who sell kits so you can add an ozonator of either type to your spa filtration system quickly and easily.



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