Exterior Hot Tub Chemicals

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What chemicals should I use to clean and protect the exterior of my hot tub?

Exterior Hot Tub Chemicals

The inside of your hot tub is sparkling clean, and now it's time to turn to the outside. There are several cleaners available to treat the cover, vinyl headrests, siding, and fiberglass portion of your tub. It's a good idea to use a waterproofer on all the outside surfaces to protect them from the chemicals in the water, as well as from the elements. If you have scale or scum on the fiberglass, look for a special cleaner that will help remove them. Treating the vinyl is another good idea, because hot tub chemicals can leave residue on these surfaces, which can make them break down faster. A little extra care to your cover will help it last longer before you need to replace it. You only need to treat the exterior of your tub once or twice a year, but a little attention to exterior maintenance means your tub will look great for many years to come.



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