Trees and Tubs – Part II

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What else should I know about planting trees in my backyard?

Trees and Tubs – Part II

If you're still thinking about planting trees close to your tub, think again and adjust your backyard planning. Mature trees can send out long, thick roots in search of water. These roots can uplift your patio, deck, or the cement pad your hot tub is resting on and that can create havoc. Even if the roots don't lift up the deck or patio, they can cause it to become unstable or even create cracks and broken pieces, which could ultimately damage your hot tub or make it uneven. This can create too much pressure on one side of the hot tub, which can lead to damage and even to warping. So, when you plan your backyard, make sure you locate trees far enough away to avoid damage from their roots, too.



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