The Big Picture

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What do I need to consider in my overall backyard plan?

The Big Picture

Don't forget to take all the landscaping and elements into consideration when backyard planning for your new hot tub. Do you want a water feature in addition to your hot tub? Where will it go in the yard? What types of plants and shrubs will complement it? Do you have a view from your yard? Where can you place the tub to take full advantage of the view while still gaining maximum privacy? What kinds of beds and plantings are already in the yard. Will the hot tub take away from these plantings, or add to them? If you add a gazebo or enclosure will it enhance your yard or make it look tiny and cramped? All of these considerations add up to taking some time with your backyard plan in the beginning. However, the more time spent in the beginning means the more your backyard will pull together in the end.



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