Hot Tubs Ease Back Pain

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How can a hot tub help ease my achin' back?

Hot Tubs Ease Back Pain

Regular spa use can also help ease back pain. The warm water soothes away tenderness and stiffness, while warmer blood coursing through the body relaxes muscles and lessens aches in the lower back. Anyone who suffers from back pain knows how debilitating it can be, but regular use of a hot tub for back pain can reduce stress, which can also help create tension in the neck and spine and lead to more pain. Most doctors recommend a regimen of cold and then heat for back pain, (think of those cold/hot packs that are all the rage in the supermarket nowadays). Since the warm water in a hot tub is continual, it can help keep constant warmth along your back and neck without the worries of using a heating pad for extended periods.



5/1/2015 4:34:39 AM
Steve said:

So... is this just worded wrong because it says regular use of a hot tub creates tension and leads to more pain? - would appreciate a response as I'm considering purchasing one of these for ongoing lower back pain. Many Thanks


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