Buy the Spa That's Right for You -- Part II

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What else should I look for when I buy a spa?

Buy the Spa That's Right for You -- Part II

Once you've decided about seating, jets, and models, there are some other considerations to think about when you buy a spa. First, where will it be located? Is there electricity available to the area? If not, you'll need to add electrical access. Ask for a test soak, and listen to the pump and motor. If you're planning on installing the spa indoors or near the house, the pump and motor may be too loud for comfortable conversation or enjoyment. Find out what special features the spa has, and how to use them. Are there extra features you can add to the spa if you decide you'd like them later on? What type of heating and filtration system does the spa have, and what kind of maintenance do they take? These questions can help you narrow down what you want from a spa and discover just what model is perfect for your needs.



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