Buy the Spa That's Right for You

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What should I look for when I buy a spa?

Buy the Spa That's Right for You

How do you buy a spa that's right for you among all the bewildering choices on the market today? First, decide how many people you want to seat comfortably in your spa, and then choose a spa that will fit the bill. Also look at the type of seating you'd like. You can choose from upright or a lounge-type seat. Next, decide what types of jets you'd like, and where you want them. For example, do you suffer from an aching back or neck? Then look for therapy jets designed specifically to help these problems. Ask about the warranty and what's covered. Check out the maintenance you'll have for upkeep and what type of chemicals your spa uses. Ask these questions when you shop for a spa and you should come home with a real winner!



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