Japanese Ofuro Tubs

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What's a Japanese ofuro tub?

Japanese Ofuro Tubs

There's a new brand of spa on the market, called the Japanese ofuro. Traditionally, these were large, wooden soaking tubs big enough for one, or several people. However, these beautifully crafted tubs made out of cedar or teak are making their way into many hot tub showrooms. Buyers are adding jets and filtration systems to these brands to make them more like a spa brand than a traditional soaking tub. They can be installed indoors or out, and unlike a traditional spa brand, they can blend into many traditional bathrooms without a lot of additional renovation. These tubs look more like finely-crafted wooden furniture, and would fit into a variety of outdoor or indoor designs. So, if you're looking for something different than the traditional hot tub brand, look for a Japanese ofuro.



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