Cleaning Your Spa's Filter

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How should I clean the filter in my spa?

Cleaning Your Spa's Filter

If your spa looks dull and dingy, chances are a dirty filter is to blame. Your spa's filtration system is based on a removable filter that you can clean or replace as necessary. Cleaning the filter is easy, and you should do it every four to six weeks.

First, remove the filter and rinse it with a garden hose at high pressure. Then, soak the filter in a filter cleaner to remove the oils and chemicals rinsing doesn't remove. Some of these cleaners change color as the filter is cleaned. These cleaners should be available through your dealer. After soaking, thoroughly rinse the filter again until the water runs clear, and then replace it in the spa. Filters do wear out, so you'll need to replace the entire filter according to your specific spa's instructions.



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