Hot Tub Chemicals

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Do I really need to use a bunch of chemicals in my hot tub?

Hot Tub Chemicals

Keeping your hot tub's water crystal clear and healthy isn't hard, but it's different from maintaining the water in a swimming pool. For one thing, hot tub water is hotter, and there are usually more people using a hot tub in a smaller square area. In addition, people's bodies contain substances like deodorants, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, and natural body oils and these also can contaminate the water. So, you need a variety of hot tub chemicals to maintain the quality and clarity of the water your tub. Your dealer should be able to suggest the right chemicals for your tub, and how much of them to use based on the gallons of water your tub holds. Hot tub chemicals are a necessity for all tubs, so don't think you can do without them.



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