Privacy and Your Backyard Planning

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How can I make sure my hot tub is private when I'm planning my backyard?

Privacy and Your Backyard Planning

Some people don't mind if their hot tub is out in the open, while others would like a little more privacy when they take a soak. Make sure you take this into consideration when backyard planning for your hot tub. If your tub is going to be in full view of the neighbors, what can you do to hide it? You might try putting up a lattice or trellis around the tub, or even fencing it off. You can also purchase a gazebo or enclosure that surrounds the tub, creating a cozy and very private environment. You might also plants shrubs and bushes as a barrier between the tub and the neighbors' prying eyes. When you pick the location of your hot tub you should have an idea of how much privacy you need to create, and how you'll incorporate that into your overall backyard planning.



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