Spa Warranties

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What should I look for in a spa warranty?

Spa Warranties

There's an important consideration for any spa brand you choose, and that's the warranty. You should ask your dealer these questions about any spa brand you're considering. If you don't like the answers, perhaps you should consider another brand or dealer.
• What does the warranty cover?
• How long is the warranty? (The exterior should be warranted for at least seven years, and the interior parts and motors at least five years.)
• Can I see a written copy of the warranty? (If they don't have one, be wary.)
• Is the warranty prorated? (It shouldn't be, you're not buying tires.)
• Who does the service? (Your dealer should provide service, not a third party.)
• Are there hidden service charges? (There shouldn't be – such as "travel" time to service your tub.)
Any reputable dealer should represent a quality spa brand that offers a good warranty on their product.



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