Testing the Waters

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How should I test the water in my new hot tub?

Testing the Waters

You should test your hot tub water once or twice a week, adding chemicals as necessary. Test kits are available at most dealers that include test strips for testing the alkalinity, pH, and chlorine (or bromine) levels. Once you've tested the water, it's time to add the right hot tub chemicals if necessary. Your hot tub owner's manual should tell you how many gallons your tub holds, and adding chemicals is based on this measure. Your dealer probably carries a complete line of chemicals best suited to your tub, and if you have any questions, that's the place to start. You'll find chemicals for balancing the pH and alkalinity, along with some created for special water conditions, such as excess minerals, calcium, or super hard water, plus many others just for fun, like spa fragrances you can add to the water. Once you've tested the water and added the right hot tub chemicals, you can safely hop in.



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