Bromine vs. Chlorine

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What's the difference between bromine and chlorine for the hot tub?

Bromine vs. Chlorine

Some people simply don't like the smell of chlorine in their spa. Luckily, there's another product available to keep your spa clean and kill the bacteria that thrives in warm water environments. This hot tub chemical is bromine, and it comes in crystals or tablets, just like chlorine.
Some people prefer bromine tablets, which can be loaded into a floating dispenser that stays in your tub all the time. Other's load the tablets into the skimmer near the filter. (Not all tubs have this feature). Whatever chemical you choose, make sure to use it consistently. Not only do they keep the water clear and clean, they help maintain the proper balance between the water's alkalinity and pH, which is one of the most important parts of spa water maintenance.



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